About us

Having spent several years in the newspaper industry as a reporter in Nanaimo, Darrell decided it was finally time to realize his dream of setting up a distillery. For some reason, the name “Misguided Spirits” came to mind.

With decades of home brewing experience and online research skills honed with his journalism background, plus the help of other supportive distillers in BC, he soon discovered the wonders of the distilling process and he was hooked.

Misguided Spirits is a tiny distillery, tucked away in Errington on the road to Tofino, just before you drive through Coombs (“Goats on the Roof”). We started on a shoestring budget, so we don’t have much fancy equipment yet, but having spent hours on refining the products and by using the best local ingredients we can lay our hands on, we think you’ll be impressed with what we’ve achieved since opening in January 2020.