• Brother XII vodka

    Smooth, slightly sweet wheat-based Brother XII vodka, winner of two gold medals: Globally recognized Bartenders Spirits Award June 7 in San Francisco and Canadian Spirits Competition Gold medal 2023, plus silver in 2022. Nice sipper, great in martinis, and the perfect cocktail foundation.

  • Spectral Gin

    With its smooth flavour and rich mouthfeel, Spectral gin was awarded a silver medal in the 2023 Canadian Artisanal Spirits Competition. Try it, find out why others make it the base for their favourite gin cocktail.

  • Rhubarb Ginger Gin Liqueur

    Rhubarb. Ginger. Gin. With these flavours, what could go wrong? Chilled it's delicious by itself. Or enjoy it with tonic, or soda, or use it to add a flourish to your favourite cocktail.

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