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Misguided Spirits Distillery

Brother XII Vodka

Brother XII Vodka

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2022 Canadian Artisan Spirit Awards Winner

Silver Award for Contemporary Vodka

Bronze Award for Branding

September 2022 - Misguided Spirits is proud to announce that we are humbled to have received both a Silver Award and a Bronze award for Misguided Spirits Brother XII Vodka from the Artisan Distillers of Canada.  These distinctions are a great way to end the summer season of 2022, and we look forward to 2023 and beyond to make our spirits world-class and distinctive.

Craft vodka made by hand from B.C. wheat and Vancouver Island-grown barley malted by Phillips. Good enough to sip alone, and a great base for cocktails. Winner of  the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 2022 silver medal.  

Brother XII vodka tells the tale of an historic figure of Vancouver Island's past who led cult followers of the Aquarian Foundation at Cedar-by-Sea, DeCourcy and Valdes islands. The vodka is made in the heart of Coombs country, on the road to Vancouver Island's amazing West Coast.

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